Hey guys, so this is probably gonna be the final devlog for this game. I had started out with the intention of developing this into a full game, (I have the GDD's to prove it) but as time went on I lost a lot of steam while making this. I kept hitting walls, and to be honest I got stuck. The 'stuck-ness' didn't really get any better, and my motivation dwindled. When I finally decided to do some more work on the game, some files got corrupted and I pretty much lost all my drive for Recurrent. Before you ask, yes I had backups but the progress I had made on the corrupted file was significant compared to the backup, and I didn't really feel like re-doing so much work. I would like to eventually revisit this game in the future, and when I do, I will most likely re-build it from the ground up. I learned a lot making Recurrent, and I hope to continue learning and making games. I hope you enjoy the demo, and I look forward to playing more games with you all. Thanks so much for the support, and thanks to everyone who played this! You have no idea what a huge confidence boost this was. I really feel like a video game developer now.


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