Demo Time

So, it's demo time. I began work on this project around January, based on the earliest file I could find. 6 months of work and THIS is what I accomplished. Keep in mind the vast majority or the game was completed in the previous 2 months. I purchased some amazing assets that helped speed the overall process up. If you have any issues let me know as much information as you can about what you were doing to get the bug. I've literally played the demo hundreds of times, and have yet to find a game breaking bug, but that doesn't mean anything. Happy gaming.

Get Recurrent - Demo


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I really like it! Only found one ending so far though (Ending A). Any hints for getting the others?

Check the tub for one and, the other you can just nope out before it gets good

Awesome, thanks! It's a great game, looking forward to seeing how it develops. :)

hey I just realized the blood in the tub is bugged. Gimme a few to fix it