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Great game, reminded a lot of Silent hill 4 the room. It has great potential for more. I liked also the small references placed in the game. Can't wait for the full game.

Thanks. My wife worked very hard on it dedicating countless hours to it. It's very satisfactory to see players enjoying it. 

alright fine it was descent good job


I loved this game! I was an immediate fan of the visual style, and an even bigger fan of the premise. Recurrent gave me an almost Silent Hill or Twilight Zone vibe; where a nightmare seems to clash with the real world, and what you end up with is a tangible, everyday life that’s not quite... right. And yet, it’s not “wrong” enough to make you feel too threatened. I hope to see more from the developer; this kind of game is right up my alley. 

Thanks! loved the video btw. 


Recurrent was pretty good. I hope to escape from more place with the rabbit in the full release.


Hey thanks man. Loved the video. 

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We are very picky on our "let's players" and after watching your video we are impressed. We subscribed.  Thank you so much for covering our game. 

Oh geez thanks for liking me :D


Great atmosphere and awesome visuals! You nailed the claustrophobic feeling and the not being safe while in my house! I just love it, keep it up!

Thanks. I appreciate it.

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It's so awesome of you to even reply. This is my wife's work and she did this game so very well.... 


Dude I really liked your game even tho its short. I made my 5th commetary gameplay . Those who are watching my video please support me so I could have that motivation to do commentary gameplays.

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It's only a demo. The full length game will feature a full story on this character, the rabbit, and closure for anyone who has played this demo and returns for the full game. Thank you for playing by the way. Your feedback is important to us, as it should be with any game.

we subscribed btw. you were great to watch 



Great game, I love the visuals and atmosphere. I kinda just full sent it through the game but I loved the SpongeBob references. I felt for Frank, too. I hope he's doing well. lol

thanks for finding my Spongebob references!


I MUST know what happened to Frank!

Frank knows when to gtfo

And eat fingers lol

so they are fingers! haha


lol no but that's the beauty of pixilation. I rather found it hilarious when it was stated. My wife probably had no idea it would look like fingers when she created the demo. 


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, it was a short but sweet game, good work! I tried to get the other 2 endings but couldn't find what to do sadly but over all good game :)

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go back to bed immediately after opening the nightmare door. And check the bloody bathtub after your shower. Thx for playing btw

Also, this is only a demo. She is working to put out a full version of the game.  We hope you will return to play the rest. :) 

thats great and I'll definitely play the rest as well :)

I seen where you recommended this to Cju too! Thanks so much for that

you're welcome :)

Show post...


just wait until you see the rest of it (when I make it.) Thanks for playing btw.


This was awesome man thanks for this game hope you enjoy my video and i hope you make more games like this :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. The full version is still in development. You were great to watch. We Subscribed on yt.


Thank you i really appreciate that :) cant wait to see a full version of this its looking really good!

:) thank you so much for that. It motivates us so much and we are happy to gain a  "Lets Player" like you. You are awesome on your videos, and join our ranks with CJU, John Wolfe, and Kravin. 

We really are very picky on that. I'm very happy to add you to our watch list

wow 3 of my favourites :) Thanks again man you are awesome!

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks man!

We are very happy and found you. thanks  so much for finding us!

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