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I thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope there is more to come

very fun


short and sweet <3

людей посмотревших сойдут с ума


Nice game, but I had problem with it.

basically when I pick a object the screen fezzes, well I can still move I can't move the screen(I didn't change any thing in the setting)

it's the mirror script. It only does it for some people and not others. I haven't figure it out yet.

Ιnteresting prototype!



Good work!

I played your very tense game here:


An amazing horror game! I've always had a particular liking to pixelated games. The terrifying mechanic which forces you to re-explore the same rooms to discover some details in it have changed reminded me of Silent hill 4. I also like the duality of the ending: are those drug-induced hallucinations, or actual things happening? 
All in all, a great experience! Congrats!
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I think Frank knows more than what he's leading on. Some may think he's all sweet and innocent, but he gives me a funny feeling lol GAME WAS AWESOME! A pixelated overlay is always a sort of eye-candy. Mechanics seemed to work smoothly during the version I was playing, except when at the office, the frames were dropping if I ran and looked at the cubicles. Only thing I'd recommend is more elaborate objectives, instead of menial step-by-step kind. I'd love to play more if you expand or create more games!

Great work!

I've been trying to debug the office level. I've fixed a lot of it but there's still some stuff I'm re-working.

I honestly started enjoying the feel of this game.... until it started getting buggy.... (although I am revisiting this game soon because I had downloaded an older version)

Here's how my playthrough went:


Yeah. She fixed a few bugs and re-uploaded it 

Amazing stuff! Really enjoyed the unique way of showing some of the fears that go along with the industry. Not sure if I got the message of it right but really enjoyed it still! 

aslo i enjoyed everything all the effort put into this all the animations even the working mirror was really cool great job

ok i enjoyed this game pretty good i was confused on what to do until i found out but pretty good game i'd love to see more work dude great job..

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Dudette :) she is my wife and I'm very proud of her. I taught her game design early in our relationship  and she excelled greatly as you can see. A full game is in development and looks creepy as hell when I glance at it. I don't know the story either as she devs it secretly. I look forward to more.

my bad...

No worries. She's still hard at it btw. I can't wait to see a full release

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I wound up playing this in my new LP series "THE LOTTERY"! Following in hopes of a tasty completed version.

Only critique I can give is that I hope there's some puzzle-solving as, I assume, the nightmare recurs. I've seen so many glorified haunted house spectacles on itchio and this game has the potential to be above that.

Surprisingly managed to get all the endings..

BROO this game is amazing. You can see all the effort poured into it, start to finish. There were lines of dialogue for so many objects, giving little bits of info about the way the character acts/feels, and references upon references. The posters were such a nice little touch to have, the Spongebob reference next to the sink and sweater, the messy house showing how little motivation the main character really has. Ending A was easy to get, finding the other two endings took almost an hour for me.. I loved how you can just go back to bed ASAP or looking for a way back into where you were locked out of, so much detail for a game that was free. The difficulty of finding the other endings is also understandable, it would take the joy out of it if it was clear from the start..  I enjoyed it! I CANNOT wait for more to be implemented in the future, hope to get more of a story about our characters and find Frank.. Why they gotta mess with the homie Frank tho 😢

thanks so much for playing. Frank plays a bigger role later on :)

Good job on getting all the endings!

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😁😍

This was great! Incredibly detailed, and a nice buildup to the spookiness. I thought there might have been a second ending, but I was wrong. Would love to see more added to this, or even a new game in a similar style! 


There is 3 endings on the demo so far. One where you make it back to the bedroom and return to sleep, one if you immediately return to sleep after waking, and one involves finding a hammer. Thanks for playing. The full version is actively being developed and we look forward to a full release.

Can't believe I overlooked those options!!! I'll have to play this again to get the other endings. Thanks!!


Let me start by saying I love Frank, and if Frank was real, he'll have all the cuddles, not just some. I'm actually thinking I am missing some ending content with my play through, but either way its creepy and meta.


That was quite interesting! The TV got me really bad! Gotta appreciate attention to details (mirror reflections, shadows and player's body!) Thank you for the game! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 


This game was really fun to play and can't wait for more content. I want to see what happens to Frank!

The full version is still being developed. We look forward to you coming back for the full story. Her full story is a lot more vast and includes more of Frank which plays a large role in the story to be done. 


a gameplay that has been uploaded on my channel. i hope yall enjoy watching it!

this game was super interesting, but what happened to my dude frank, or fred. or sum

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. I love the little tasks, they keep you busy while the story or the spooks progress. Also, they make you get familiar with the place which makes it easier to find stuff later in the game. 

2. The bunny was so cute, I immediately got worried about him. I wish there would be more interaction with Frank.

3. There are some good spooks like with the red dude or the TV (I guess you could even miss that last one).


1. The whole concept with the work is weird. You get there, work for 5 minutes and go back home before anyone else appears. One could think that you were the first one in and the last one out BUT the thing written about Alice's desk ruin this assumption because she didn't even have time to get to work yet on your way out. WEIRD. Maybe it would be beneficial for the game to make this sequence longer or add some explanatory text lines.

2. Also, I didn't really like hunting for the same objects in dream world as you did in normal world. Maybe it would be cool if the things would change place or the things themselves would change. I guess that would bring lots of opportunities for good spooks.


I loved it! I think the game still needs some polish and much more spooks) But I liked it the way it is now nonetheless. Moreover, I played the game before the update so something might have changed and I don't even know about it. I will rate the game 5/5 but I really wish to see the game further developed.

Also, I have a suggestion of spooking a player with microwave. I anticipated that from the beginning actually. Like when your bunny disappears, you might think that something horrible is happening. If at that moment the microwave makes some noise, I guess that would be terrifying. But of course, the player must find the rabbit well and alive after that somewhere else because the bunny is cute and precious and nothing bad must happen to Frank!!!!

Hope my feedback was useful!


I had some fun with this one, creepy atmosphere, i was concerned about Frank! XD I will return to it if there is an update, great work with the shadow of the character!


this was interesting i hope to see more.


i love it mate

check my simple game too please


Great game! it was really creepy when the blood demon was starring at me, while in the bathroom, I wished the story were longer, but overall it's a great game!

Thanks so much. I promise there will be a full story when I finish the game.


Was an interesting game and fun to experience. RIght off the bat, I absolutely love the fine details you've put in this game. Not many devs do that and you doing so makes this small game really fun to play and also makes the player want to explore the world you've created. The multiple easy meals in the fridge, the small things you can interact with like te sponge and the toilet (Never thought I would be talking about a toilet in a review *thinking emoji*) those things really were well made and was fun to find and interact with even if they didn't change the game play and story.  

One thing I really really loved was the red dude standing in the bathroom mirror but doesn't show up when you look back; it genuinely freaked me out the first time I saw him because I was so confused and really scared because it was out of thin air and completely random. 

And that would be my suggestion; add more creepy parts like that around. Things that seem off or more random scary standing people who the player can see from the corner of their eye from time to time.

But yeah, other than that, it was a well made game. even loved the posters and the unique lines for each of them. Even all the lights were interactable and the cupboards! All of this shows that you went through everything in the game and out a ton of effort in the finest of details, which is really amazing to see and the quality and experience speaks for itself there. 

Enjoyed it thoroughly, and good luck for the future! Take care and keep up the great work! 

Hey thanks so much for playing! Fun fact: 'Bloody Man' is standing there the whole time you just can't see him until you get to the mirror ;) And I really do appreciate the feedback, I've been working on the demo for quite some time. 

That is super creepy and awesome! Were you inspired by any horror story/ SCP/ Creepypasta or something similar? And that small details just goes to show that you put a tonne of effort, and makes the game that much more amazing!

No not really sorry. It's all inspiration from my own nightmares. Some people say it reminds them of Silent Hill : The Room, and I've even had a few think about Coraline. I've never played Silent Hill : The Room, and my nightmares started way before Coraline was out. 

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Oh no! Don't be sorry! And it's a pretty cool thing what you've done; taken your own nightmares and made it into a game. It's been a while since I've watched Coraline and never played Silent Hill so for me the Bloody Man is a unique concept and even after having played the game; is still one of my favourite spooks from any game so far. And hopefully things are better now, and you don't get them as often, and hopefully you're doing great too! ^-^

I'm in a much better place than I was. Most of the inspiration from the game, happened a long time ago.  Sorry it took so long to reply. Me and my husband both manage the page so, sometimes things gets overlooked. 

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Thanks for playing! I enjoyed your video!


The build up in this game was incredible! The silence alone was enough to keep me on edge the whole time! I can'

t wait till the full release, keep up the good work! :))


Played this with some buddies for a Random Horror Games video, this game DOES not hold your hand and requires "big brain" to figure it out.


Lol thanks for playing.


No problem! Thank you making the game


i really did enjoy playing this game! the atmosphere was good! it kept me on my toes besides having jumpsaces everywhere! when i was reading the info! i saw it was your nightmares this game was about! and all i can say is Damn! that is scary! i remeber having the some nightmare as a child  >.< i hope you are ok! over all the game was great and keep up the great work! 

here is my cringy video if anyone is intrested 

It's based on multiple nightmares, but the thing that stayed the same was that there was always this panel in my closet I opened up and went into. I'm fine though lol. I just have bad nightmares (I watch too many horror movies I think.)


Very neat game!  


Thanks for playing!


Отличный атмосферный, хоть и небольшой хоррор!

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Thanks for playing! My husband speaks a little Russian and was able to translate. 


Oh! It's pretty cute)) I really liked the level of development of the game. Now very little attention is paid to such things as: the reflection of the character in mirrors, the model of the character, the description of the surrounding objects, and so on... I am very pleased that there are developers who work out the game world in great detail, even if this world is very small - such as an apartment)


Hello, I played through this a few times, and overall it's good. I like how interactive the game is, and slow build up. 

The next several playthroughs were a little weird though: The second time I played through it, after going to bed as normal, I woke up in the kitchen instead of the bedroom. The next few times I played through I woke up in the bedroom, but it was the bedroom with the boarded up crawlspace. The bedroom door was locked and I couldn't go anywhere. Anyway, not sure if that was a bug or if it was intentional to make you feel trapped. Also the save system didn't seem to do anything. I would always start at the beginning when trying to load a save.

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I'll look into it. These are bugs I'm not familiar with. Thanks for letting me know.  The save system is still a work in progress thing as well


I found it to be a really solid Horror experience

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Loved the game. You definitely have a interesting reoccurring nightmare. Least Frank is okay.  Surprised you commented on the vid prior to me posting on here lol thanks


My husband searches youtube daily looking for plays of the game.


The game was good but at some point the lag got a bit intense but overall it was great

Could you let us know where in the game it lagged. We suspect it was at the office level. That point in the game is where the player can view the most poly's

I dev on a Pc with an Rx580 and a Ryzen 5. I think I know what's causing the lag but I'll have to rebuild the entire level.

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