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This game was made in 15 days for:

The MrKravin Game Jam 2021! - itch.io



You and your fellow animal control officer, Kevin, have been called out to check on  Mike's farmstead, who suspects that coyotes are causing problems. It's up to you to go and do some investigating to see what's really going on.

Animal control is a narrative driven, short horror game with the theme of 'transformation.'

Mrkravin is one of our favorite let's players here at Periltek, so be sure to check his content out!


The save system is level based (if you die on a level, you have to restart the whole level.) Other than that, there is no 'save-system', but the game shouldn't take very long to play.

Also, this is my first time with creating true AI for the monsters, so excuse the jank.

There are still some bugs, but nothing game-breaking. I think I'm going to leave them in for comedy value. The bugs are now features!

The locations were inspired by rural Kentucky, and we did our best to capture the ambience and atmosphere associated with it. Before you ask, yes it gets THAT dark, and yes the crickets are very loud.


  • GPU - Radeon RX580
  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
  • 32GB Ram
  • It should be noted that there are graphical settings in the options menu of the game if you're having issues. By default the game will run on 'High' settings.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Adventure
TagsAtmospheric, Comedy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


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nice work =)

thank you!


hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 🙏😀


scary games

Nice idea for the game


Tried out 'Animal Control'!


Definately an odd experience lol,loved it tho


Whoooo.... this game was a weird ride man. I liked the tension that built up to the events and as well as a natural feel about the voice actors atleast imo. Liked certain scenes like the cows eating their own kind which makes your alarm ring you to exit lol. Scares wise i felt it could have made use of more jumpscares because eventually you get used to the animal sounds in the game. I am aware its still in development so ignore if this is fixed, but i feel the end was abrupt as well as felt an extra creature causing the events could have been used. Again its just a suggestion when it comes to the latter. That apart i felt the game was worth my time and i enjoyed it!

Thanks for the game devs and keep creating more!

Thanks for playing. Sorry about the ending and needs for extra stuff. It was created for a game jam and had to be completed in 15 days or less.  We had so much more planned but at the end of the day, we just had to pick a stopping point and meet the deadline. We are not currently focusing on this game primarily yet as we have two other major titles we plan on finishing up, as well as a possible collaboration project to get to first. Great playthroughs. Feel free to check out our page for other games and 2 new releases coming soon.

Understandable, that makes sense about the issues. Also yes i ll definitely check out your games! Keep makng more! Best of luck!

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Lol. We will. We are working on two atm. She's working on a full version of 'Adaptation' and I'm working on another which is a pbr based game. Thanks for playing


Mike Knew His Farm Was Possessed! Periltek...Good stuff !

Mike knew when to gtfo lol

Mike Set Me Up! lmao


Had fun with this game. A couple aggravating moments mostly trying to find the key lol but over all I enjoyed it!


Very nice, especially for being done in fifteen days! How long did it take to do that intro part of it? Thanks for sharing it with us, bro?

All together I think it took a couple days. Most of the time was spent level building. The actual gameplay was added in on the last 2 days I think, which is why it was so buggy if you played an early version.


Huh, neat. With all the storytelling and cutscenes, it had a lot of work put into it for an indie game. Impressive you got it together so well. Nice!


it was a pretty good game loved the story got a few spooks from it 9/10

Thanks for playing


I love this game! The most "real" dialogue I've ever heard in a game lol. There's a decent amount to it too which is awesome. My biggest complaint is a lack of saved progress, at least up to as far as I was able to get.  It's not totally obvious exactly what to do at all times but that wouldn't be an issue in my opinion if the punishment for death wasn't so harsh. I still REALLY enjoyed it though! Thanks so much for making it!

thanks for playing! I don't have a lot of experience with saving systems, so I apologize for that. Me and my husband did the voice acting. It was our first time doing something like that and we were testing the waters with it.


What a fun premise for a game this one was. I do love the setting and the monster, and for that matter the house itself feeling like it has a fair bit of personality.

Knowing it was made for a gamejam  as I say the following, it does feel a bit unpolished. I ran into a glitch where it told me I had  applied the bait even though I hadn't even made it yet, my character kept walking during the cutscene on the mill, and the monsters attacking are just kind of... the same sort of stiff animation. I am sure you are aware of these, and that with mroe time they would have been worked on, however.

And what we have is still rather fun, so kudos to you, I quite enjoyed myself on this one.

Thanks for playing! I kinda threw the story together last minute because building the level took a lot longer than I thought it would. I had originally wanted the game to take place entirely inside the vehicle, but I ran into a lot of issues. I'm halfway thinking about changing the genre to horror-comedy with all the bugs lol.

Unique game, but a bug made me get stuck, its fine, 6/10 game


I uh...I was not expecting that for a monster! Great build up, atmosphere, and scares! Also I love the secret room! Great game! 


I had played the previous version but couldn't finish it due to the bugs there were. Now, with this current version, I could finish and now I say: this game has a lot of potential for something more expanded both in plot and in the atmosphere of mystery and horror.

Congratulations on your work.


The monster AI was goofy and the whole game was spoopy but, I loved it. Also, liked the secret hidden room and the voice acting. Awesome job for a game jam game; it was lots of fun!

thanks for playing! great video! The monsters seem to get the dumber the longer you play too!


Awww mannnn. This was a really good submission for 15 days. Has some really good vibes and a story that could easily be expanded upon and have more lore created for it. Had at least one genuine poop myself moment with a deer trying to talk to me about jesus christ our lord and saviour... Skip to 14:33 to understand that one. lol. 

Awesome submission my dude! Hope you place well!

lol yeah that AI was a bit weird, but it's all good.


had some unexpected moments, which is great for AI. I think you did a decent job for first time with enemy AI! Look forward to seeing more from you!

Deleted 79 days ago

thanks for playing!


Amazing game! But it´s to short.

This was pretty damn fun to play! Very tense at times, and an interesting story. I just wish the ending had a bit of closure, got really confused when it just switched back to the title screen lol. But I understand with game jam games there's a strict time constraint, so no fault there! Great work!

Had a bit of confusion with the bait, but once I figured it out everything was fine. I agree with a way to skip the intro, and I ran into a deer that trapped me in a barrel, but overall it was a fun and tense game.

I added a way to skip the intro


Hey that was pretty fun, dude. I like what you did with it. I also found that weird hidden room haha. There were some good surprises along the way. Thanks!


great playthrough, thanks for playing. This was my first time with the monster AI so, sorry it was a bit janky. 



thanks for playing


Gotta admit this game was pretty good.

thanks for playing. I enjoyed the video!

How to save?

there is no saving. I said so in the game description.


Amazing game and creepy good atmosphere 

thank you!


Pretty cool! Love the voice acting, although it was hard telling Roy and Kevin apart. Could have made either female for easier distinction. Obvious problems: no intro skip - especially since the convo keeps going on and on, no save at end, no mission objective updates to help figure out what to do next, weird inventory interaction, can get stuck in forest between trees.

Cool-creepy secret! Call 555-MRKRAVIN now!

thanks for letting me know. I was so sleep deprived that I honestly didn't think about these things.


I just thought I'd let you know I fixed several of these issues. The inventory interactions was pretty much the only way I knew how to do that particular sequence. I'm still learning, and in future games I hope to figure out a better way.

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thank you! Great video


This Is A very Good Game Actually Took i loved playing it. And Atmoshphere was really Awesome. Great Work.

Thanks for playing!