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Play as a young child and relive some of your (my) greatest childhood memories! Explore your home and have a great day! 

Adaptation is a PSX styled game about having fun, and not suspecting anything strange.

DISCLAIMER: With this being a demo, some of the in-game logic and mechanics have been simplified. They may be a tad buggy as a result, but the intended final release should be 'less-buggy.'

As of July 29th, 2021 I have made a Patreon Page to support the completion of this game (Link Below)

Periltek Studios is creating Games, Music, and 3D Art | Patreon

Not only will you support the game in it's completion, you will also get to choose an Easter Egg (Has to be appropriate.) Tier 1 let's you choose a graffiti-style Easter Egg, and Tier 2 I will create a 3D in-game object with your name. The 3D object will most likely be a food item, because those are used heavily in the game.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Pixel Art, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Survival Horror


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Thank you so much for providing me with this demo. I was very invested in the story and overall look is amazing. Looking forward to the full release. Good Luck Tiffany! 

Here is my review/playtest: 

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oh thanks for the compliment about the assets lol, but It's a mix of original/bought assets. I'd say about 50/50. I noticed that the textures on the wall signs were quite blurry. I think I know how to fix it, but I'm just curious what your graphics settings were set to? The door code was hidden on the various signs. The other demo is quite a bit different and gives you more of an idea about the story. Spoiler though, it's a bit of a platformer :)

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I just enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I was smart enough to figure out the rest, but I will explore more when the full release comes out. 

Yeah, my graphics very on medium, and resolution was not that high, so, not the game's fault. 

The platforming is also my personal issue, I am not that good with fps and platformer lol. 

Anyways, the overall look is amazing. 

Edit: Hope to get an Easter Egg hehe. Good Luck on the full release!

yeah no problem I'll throw an egg in for you. I'm thinking I'll add a way to skip the platforming part in the tutorial.

No, no, the platforming is actually really great, it's just I need to play more platformers. It's all great! 

Nice game !

This is pretty good. A little buggy but not bad for a demo. Love the idea and interested to see where else it goes. Is the plan to incorporate other childhood games or just the lava?

 If I seem a little perturbed at the game in spots it's just because I suck at platforming. :)


a lot of the logic in this game is placeholder stuff.  And no the floor is lava is the basis for the entire game, but I do plan on the rest of the gameplay to revolve around how a child would think.


This one of those games that when the demo is over...you just want more! It was so good! I can't wait to see childhood imagination come to life more in the full version!

I enjoyed watching your playthrough. The rabbit is an Easter egg to another demo I had made

Made a Let's Play on it


Very cool game! The lava part was actually very fun, and nerve wracking when doing the same outside. There's a big mystery surrounding those creatures that has me very intrigued! I would love to see more of this! Great work!


I enjoyed watching your playthrough. I plan for the monster AI to be 'better' in the future. This demo had a lot of placeholder logics.

Don't step on the ground

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, neat concept, the ending was a bit abrupt for some reason but over all it was cool, good work :)

Amazing game dev 


Awesome game, but the second part when you can't touch the floor is very hard if you dont set up before go to car. But, i liked so much this game. 

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