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I thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope there is more to come

very fun


short and sweet <3

людей посмотревших сойдут с ума


Nice game, but I had problem with it.

basically when I pick a object the screen fezzes, well I can still move I can't move the screen(I didn't change any thing in the setting)

it's the mirror script. It only does it for some people and not others. I haven't figure it out yet.

Ιnteresting prototype!



Good work!

I played your very tense game here:


An amazing horror game! I've always had a particular liking to pixelated games. The terrifying mechanic which forces you to re-explore the same rooms to discover some details in it have changed reminded me of Silent hill 4. I also like the duality of the ending: are those drug-induced hallucinations, or actual things happening? 
All in all, a great experience! Congrats!
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I think Frank knows more than what he's leading on. Some may think he's all sweet and innocent, but he gives me a funny feeling lol GAME WAS AWESOME! A pixelated overlay is always a sort of eye-candy. Mechanics seemed to work smoothly during the version I was playing, except when at the office, the frames were dropping if I ran and looked at the cubicles. Only thing I'd recommend is more elaborate objectives, instead of menial step-by-step kind. I'd love to play more if you expand or create more games!

Great work!

I've been trying to debug the office level. I've fixed a lot of it but there's still some stuff I'm re-working.

I honestly started enjoying the feel of this game.... until it started getting buggy.... (although I am revisiting this game soon because I had downloaded an older version)

Here's how my playthrough went:


Yeah. She fixed a few bugs and re-uploaded it 

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